Darvier is a custom design studio and manufacturing facility in Fort Collins Colorado specializing in bespoke luxury jewelry since 2006. Our stone setters have decades of experience to set your customers' diamonds and gemstones safely and securely. Your product can be made to your exacting specifications when you have a jeweler on holiday or a sudden rush in a complicated project that we can handle behind the scenes for you. Our private label and tradework programs use established industry accepted pricing structures with modern casting methods minimizing porosity for superior results.

We'll work with you in any limited production capacity your shop needs to fill orders so your customers don't miss a beat. Laser engraved with your hallmark too!

Email our production team first to discuss your project: tim@darvier.com



Is your Jeweler (you?) on holiday? We can complete your repair queue and help keep you caught up with your customer ebb & flow. We utilize laser and plasma welding to compliment our experienced bench jewelers traditional soldering techniques. Vintage diamond stone matching and a large loose gemstone collection means your pieces are repaired accurately and with Darvier's stringent quality measures.



We can cast individual items or small production runs for your shop. Our centrifuge casting contraption is ideal for large items where surface finish is not a concern. However, our closed loop vacuum casting system minimizes porosity and is the choice for perfection, albeit boring to watch us flip a switch. We prefer to deliver castings semi-polished for quality control.



We designed and commissioned a superior laser engraving system that has a few tricks not seen in jewelry specific platforms allowing for a clean ablated (or marked) surface in all metals. Eternity engraving with no stitching and the ability to give the user consistent results from titanium to silver, gold and platinum. Any font is available for tradework or we can send you our list of licenced typefaces to show your customer. To avoid design charges, we ask that images are camera ready black & white.



Darvier has talented wax carvers for your organic designs. We excel in Matrix based 3D modeling from industrial designers with years of experience. Five-axis milling or 3D printed waxes to your specifications. We're not fussed. Darvier is excited to bolster your needs with oversight you can be proud of.



Let our stone setters work for your customers. From pavé to flush and bezel setting. We are trained for the difficult project. It will be level and secure. We photograph and test each loose stone upon arrival and give our recommendations for the most successful plan in your stone security. Darvier staff will quality control your project as if it was our own.



Many local colleges have a metalsmithing department that we would love to support through you, the student. Set a free appointment with our staff to cover any questions in your class project. Please let us know your specific area of need so we can get you talking with the correct person. Design consultations are always free. Our loose gemstone and diamond collection are available to you at discount with your current student ID and metalsmithing education credentials. Though we're going to make you set it. Seriously.