Adventurous Engagements



Thinking of proposing whilst skydiving? On the side of a mountain or in the ocean? We get that all the time... What started as an experiment several years ago has become a quiet success for our clients that wish to precariously propose properly in a way that goes beyond insurance coverage and common sense. So here we are. A way to not risk a newly crafted custom piece has morphed into a popular way of getting the best of both worlds. Read on...


How the decoy works

A $500 deposit towards a custom ring gets you one of two decoy rings packaged for your daring proposal. 100% of the deposit goes towards your project. Keep the rings as a memory or throw them into the sea (please don't litter) as an offering to Triton blessing your union.

You do you. You crazy moonbeam.


What the decoy does

It makes this custom idea of yours flawlessly work. It is unbelievably popular and opens the door for the Darvier team to get to know you both while you have fun in your custom design appointment. And just so you know, the scope and budget of a finished piece is often much more modest than you might be imagining once you both work on its creation.


Do this

One of our talented designers included a refined illustration of the custom idea he is just beginning to see is possible. An octopus tentacle holding a Spinel in an engagement ring based on the BioShock series of games is a thing.


And this

Have fun together focusing on your future. It gives your partner complete freedom to enjoy the surprise while having a say in the design and composition. Like choosing where the stones go with a sharpie on their hand carved prototype.


for this

A ring designed by you and crafted with a certain personality in mind. 

(Please take it off before going swimming!)