gold recycling

Our single batch refining option (SBR) allows you to recycle your gold into a new custom piece by Darvier. We can change the karat (i.e. 10k upgraded to 18k) or even change the color.

If aunt Betty's 14k yellow cocktail ring collection is not to your taste, it will be refined to 24k pure and alloyed freshly to say, 18k rose. All while using your gold to help offset the cost of your project. Coins, bullion and any gold item qualifies. And yes, my dear aunt Betty did have a penchant for perfectly glamorous jewelry. It's now a tasteful set of custom sister rings and pendants in our own small family heirloom collection.

We take old gold and put it in molds and do with it what we're told. Some gold gets rolled, some gold get sold.

this is Metal!

These are the core metals we use in manufacturing your jewelry. While only 10-18k gold is available for SBR, we can offset your project financially by using the material you provide for recycling allowing us to use any metal you wish. Additional metals not shown are alloys like 9k British standards and custom mixed colors for expertly matching our restorations. Titanium & Stainless steel is featured on our custom machined page. 

p.s. Darvier does not work with Tungsten. It is a very brittle ceramic alloy that must be shattered off your finger in case of emergency. Not a great experience having an EMT crack your ring off when adrenalin is racing through you. Nope. Most major suppliers are also slowly discontinuing Tungsten.