We really work hard to keep our flavor of your jewelry experience obtainable to anyone who asks. Darvier is not "the expensive choice". That said, I grew up with a public school teacher Mother and a Father who was career Air Force. We moved around every three years as a family, with my brother & I experiencing the sacrifice and struggle of our parents in a noble field of service. This is why I choose to give back in a small way, focusing on these career paths we want to thank you for. Since 2006, we have made it policy to not advertise these benefits, but to get to know you in order to discover that you fall into the following categories. However, we believe it's time to make sure you know what we feel is important to support among so many deserving endeavors in our community.



Aside from a brief time where my Mum was my substitute teacher in junior high, growing up with a teacher for a Mother was a strong positive guidance for our family and the students over her long career. Current faculty & staff of any public school district, state college and job development center will find allowances on parts needed for repairs & restorations and special discounts on any custom project. If you would like more information as to why we feel so strongly about supporting teachers, the National Education Association’s annual ranking of the states put Colorado in 46th place in the country for teacher pay in 2017. You can support a classroom here because this is how things are now.



I was very lucky in the fact that our family's postings in the US and Europe allowed us to see the best side of armed services in the Air Force. It did not shelter us from the fact that it is a sacrifice of family and well being to enter service for many duties and branches of the military. Since Dad talked my "living in this gray area of discipline" self out of joining, this is how I can give back for now. Any active military personnel receive financial considerations across our entire custom and repair catalog. Consider donating to the USO with Darvier here.