The Darvier team has created quite a few custom luxury items since our beginning in 2006. Together, you and your designer will create exciting, innovative and beautiful pieces that challenges our production team. We encourage you to set a free design appointment to see that the portfolio below is just the start. Here are some pictures of custom work and recommended catalog items peppered throughout that we have delivered in our past. Hopefully these pictures inspire you towards your new heirloom.


Even traditional designs can become truly your own with a little nudge.


Through Japanese & Syrian sword forging techniques, we layer and manipulate metals to create these truly unique hand-hewn patterns and metals.


Industrial jewelry designs milled from solid billets of gold, silver, platinum, steel or titanium. A platform for showcasing unusual inlays and robust finishes.


Our clients find inspiration in all facets of life. We’re only too glad to follo- is that an octopus?!


Personalized creations inspired by vintage techniques and designs.


Fresh designs utilizing technologically-forward techniques and bold aesthetics.


Inspiration from the natural world. Natural textures applied by hand enhance the finished piece.


We’re a design studio, a gift for yourself or a loved one is a perfect project. We like to branch out and bring innovative ideas to life.

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Don’t see anything that resonates with you? As we closed out 2018 our portfolio contains over 54k photos of our projects. Seriously. Set an appointment for a design consultation and we’ll show you EVERYTHING. In the interest of bandwidth and page load time, I was asked to cut the portfolio rather short…