Our talented team loves to see beautiful jewelry restored so that it can continue to be enjoyed. We balance innovation with a bedrock of knowledge and experience to give you no obligation, comprehensive quotes, quality repairs, and period appropriate restorations. Listed below are some of our most common repairs, but we encourage you to ask us about any repair or restoration. Bring in a beloved piece today.

We are more than happy to evaluate a piece and come up with a plan of action and parts sourcing for renewing your jewelry with no commitment to you.


Frequent Restoration Steps



We offer traditional soldering and advanced welding and laser technologies, this gives us a unique level of versatility. Welding is a safe alternative for rings containing fragile or heat sensitive stones, as there is little to no heat transfer. Also, instead of visible base metal solder, welding utilizes matching materials, providing a higher quality repair by maintaining, for example, hypoallergenic properties. In addition, there are sizing assistants, such as sizing beads and slip-on ring guards. These are excellent alternatives if your ring is a material or design that is unable be sized, you are having trouble with your ring spinning on your hand, or if you’re not finding a size that is both comfortable and functional. Ring sizing starts at $50.



The metal securing your stones in jewelry that is worn daily experiences natural wear over time and can eventually cause stones to become loose or be knocked out. Routine re-tipping, or adding metal to the ends of prongs, will help keep stones secure. We can also replace prongs, and re-set or tighten stones whose settings have been compromised by wear or stress. Re-tipping starts at $38.

This diamond is being held in place by wishes. Let us clean and inspect your jewelry today…



Milgrain is a decorative effect on jewelry that resembles tiny strings of beads. It is usually seen around edges and surrounding stone settings. While milgrain is most often associated with antique jewelry, it can be a beautiful touch to contemporary pieces. For instance, its light catching qualities around a center stone can simulate a halo setting while being much more budget friendly and easier to maintain. From $150. 



At Darvier, we offer the unmatched precision of laser engraving. The detail presented is surprising and of OEM quality. Engraving, both interior and exterior, is an excellent way to refresh and personalize a piece of jewelry. We offer a flat rate engraving pricing structure starting at $45 per surface.



Daily use jewelry and heirloom pieces are especially vulnerable to stress fractures and damage. We can repair breaks in filigree, shanks and stone settings. We can reinforce or replace the shank, or bottom portion, of a ring if it has worn thin or been damaged by an impact. Ask us about restoring your jewelry, we are always happy to present you with the options available.

Our evaluation and estimates are without charge or obligation.


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If an important stone is subjected to wear or damage, it may be possible to revive it. Re-cutting and re-polishing are an example of the resources we have available to revitalize a beloved stone. Unfortunately, diamond and gemstone repairs and re-cutting are not available as a rush service. It is in fact, one of the slowest projects available. As it should be. Starts in the neighborhood of $300 or so.


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We can replace original finishes and antique patinas to restore or apply something completely new to transform your jewelry. Depending on use, electroplating wears off in approximately six months to a year. We provide both black and white rhodium plating, as well as green, yellow, white, and rose gold plating. Another unique feature we offer is differential plating, which allows for plating to be selectively applied and multiple colors of gold and rhodium to exist on a single piece. $55 for starters.



We strongly recommend bringing in jewelry every six months to ensure that gemstones are secure. Not only is it an opportunity to take advantage of our free inspection and cleaning services, but periodic stone tightening is expected over the life of jewelry, particularly pieces that you wear daily. With a large gemstone collection and extremely knowledgeable staff, we are happy to tighten, reset and even help you find a replacement or upgraded diamond or gemstone for your jewelry restoration. Check & Tighten starts at $34.



We have the ability to traditionally mold and recast existing jewelry in the metal of your choice. In the past, we have also recreated lost pieces through verbal description alone or by extrapolating from grainy photographs. Through contemporary production methods or using period appropriate production techniques and materials we can recreate a lost family heirloom. The first step in understanding a replica project is to project your memory of the piece into a sketch worthy of production communication. Inquire about the possibilities here.

Here’s our building getting a 100+ year old water line replaced. Everything needs a little work sometimes…

Here’s our building getting a 100+ year old water line replaced. Everything needs a little work sometimes…