It's best to view appraisals as an independent opinion of your piece for your insurance needs. Our choice Gemologist (GIA) has just over 40 years in the industry and is recognized in the Colorado county court system as an expert witness. Also a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers meaning the appraisal will be written to the standard expected by insurance providers.

We schedule our insurance appraisals by appointment and lead time will vary by the complexity and schedule of the appraiser. If you are interested in purchase options, these are provided free of charge in an informal setting by appointment under estate planning.

Rates are by the hour in ten minute increments at $150/hr, not by the piece. This allows for estates of all sizes to be affordably and accurately appraised with authority. Adding your heirloom specifically to Darvier insurance during our restoration and appraisal service is available at additional cost beyond our standard industry expected coverage. We photograph and itemize every piece before and after any work is performed guaranteeing accountability with your treasure.

All custom pieces from Darvier come with a detailed receipt at no additional charge unless you have provided items such as center diamonds or gemstones. We utilize the above appraisal services to ensure impartial quality in our work.

Appraisals are never limited to pieces crafted by Darvier, show us what you have! Call us to schedule an appraisal.



That being said, please insure your jewelry. Even if it's not created or restored by us, we strongly recommend specific coverage for your heirlooms. Our preferred insurance provider is Jewelers Mutual. Darvier has been successfully working with Jewelers Mutual since day one. You can visit them here to get a free estimate for your protection. For 10k in coverage, it costs about $100 a year to sleep easy. They cover much more than your renters or home owners insurance allows. If anything does happen, the team at Darvier will work on your behalf with Jewelers Mutual to repair or replace your covered jewelry. They will even insure your loose diamonds & gemstones while they are being set by us at the beginning of your project for extra peace of mind.