At Darvier, all of our pieces are designed to endure for a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether your piece is for daily wear or set aside for special occasions, there are some guidelines for keeping your jewelry beautiful and in good condition.


  • Avoid wearing your jewelry for activities that can cause impact or shearing (i.e. rock climbing, contact sports, weight lifting, aggressive gardening)
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when you are working with or around chemicals; exposure to things like cleaning products, especially bleach can cause serious damage.
  • Remove jewelry when swimming and bathing. Not only is water an excellent medium for losing jewelry; both cleansers and chlorine can cause tarnish and damage.
  • To prevent tarnish, it’s a good idea to wait to put your jewelry on after you have applied cosmetics, hair products, lotion, and perfume/cologne.


  • We do not recommend frequent polishing, as polishing will remove microscopic amounts of metal. However, using a professional grade polishing cloth occasionally on your jewelry is a great way to keep them bright between in-store cleanings.
  • Commercial cleaners or homemade solutions can work well to brighten and clean jewelry, but it’s important to be aware of their limitations. Certain solutions and cleaners are appropriate for certain materials and potentially destructive to others. Inlays and certain gemstones, such as opal, pearls and emeralds should not be submerged.
  • We always advise caution when cleaning your pieces at home, every material and gemstone has different qualities and vulnerabilities. Please contact Darvier with any questions about the best way to clean your piece.


  • It’s always a good idea to store jewelry in a container that prevents it from moving around or rubbing against other pieces. Both metal and gemstones are vulnerable to damage if they encounter hard surfaces or each other in storage.
  • We always recommend keeping an inventory of fine jewelry and any associated insurance documents in a firesafe case or someplace safe from theft and fire.
  • We think a traveling case for jewelry is an excellent purchase. It prevents tangles, damage, and loss while traveling with your jewelry.


  • We offer free Ultrasonic cleaning and hand brightening for the life of your piece.
  • We strongly recommend bringing in your jewelry bi-annually to be inspected for wear and to ensure that gemstones are secure. Periodic stone tightening is expected over the life of jewelry, particularily pieces worn daily.
  • The metal around stone settings and in pieces worn daily wears naturally over time. For rings, you can expect that prongs and shanks will need to be built up periodically over the lifetime of the ring. Most accessories experience less wear; although pendants can require the replacement of bails – the metal loop that attaches the pendant to the chain.
  • Depending on use, rhodium plating wears off within 6 months to a year. If you use rhodium plating in your piece, it is a regular part of its maintenance to re-plate periodically.

We urge you to call us if you have any questions regarding the care of your jewelry. We are always happy to advise you. Even if we did't make it.



Darvier recommends insuring your jewelry for any loss; which is easily done through your homeowner or rental policy. Darvier’s liability for any work performed is limited to the cost of the job and Darvier is not responsible for any damage that may occur to customer original materials. This warranty does not cover expenses incurred due to a lack of proper care and handling by client. Damage incurred by workmanship of anyone outside Darvier staff automatically voids the warranty. Diamonds and gemstones are not covered by this warranty except under conditions of Check and Tighten Policy. Organic and lapidary inlays are not covered by this warranty. Darvier is not liable for lost or damaged stones. This warranty is valid when a new product is purchased from Darvier and is non-transferable. Retain proof of purchase in order to receive warranty service. Darvier offers a warranty against anomalies in porosity and contamination caused by casting and will repair these anomalies at no charge, except in the case of products created by single batch refining. Deficits in the product’s structural integrity caused by Darvier workmanship will be repaired at no charge under the Darvier warranty. Ultrasonic cleaning and hand brightening are free for the life of the piece, this also offers Darvier an opportunity to inspect the piece for any mechanical concerns. Mokume products that contain Shakudo and custom designs using silver components are subject to a full fiver year warranty.

Resizing within one size variance is free one time for 90 days upon delivery of the finished piece or purchase of vintage or estate piece. Client is responsible for material cost and labor of any additional sizes. If the ring cannot be sized, the customer will be charged the cost to Darvier to remake the ring or utilize alternative sizing options.

All conditions of Darvier’s Check and Tighten Policy are valid only for one year from the delivery date of the custom piece. Darvier will clean and check diamonds and gemstones for damage and looseness. Darvier will tighten any original stones free of charge. In the unlikely event that a stone is knocked from its setting, Darvier will reset original or replacement stone free of charge. Darvier will replace stones 3mm in diameter and smaller with the closest match of equal or lesser value. Client is responsible for stones larger than 3mm in diameter and/or of higher value than original stone.

All conditions of Darvier’s Wearability and Polishing Policy are valid only for one year from the delivery date of the custom piece. Darvier will rhodium plate the piece one time free of charge. Any additional patina, electroplating, refinishing and polishing will carry a charge to be assessed at time of submission. If client discovers an allergy to the ring (i.e. due to nickel or copper content), if free rhodium plating is insufficient client may return ring for store credit and Darvier will re-make ring in your choice of metal. Client is responsible for the difference in metal and labor less one hour. Darvier offers one hour’s work of modification at now charge in order to accommodate any necessary adjustments for maximum comfort and wearability.

If your product fails to meet your design or craftmanship expectations within 14 days of delivery, you are allowed necessary modifications within the warranty, including one hour of modification at no cost. If you feel the need to return the piece for any reason, you may do so within 14 days of delivery of the finished piece for store credit equal to the purchase amount of the piece, excluding stones purchased for use in the piece. The maximum window for returning an item for any store credit is 14 days from delivery date. After 14 days have elapsed, there will be charges for restocking, labor and/or parts for any modifications to fulfill your order. Darvier does not offer refunds on commissioned pieces. Darvier offers exchanges for store credit only.

Catalog items in new condition are exchangeable for 14 days. After 14 days have elapsed, a 20% restocking fee will be applied. If the items have been modified from their original condition, all returns and exchanges are subject to the discretion of the manager. Vintage and Estate pieces are sold as is – with no warranty. All returns are eligible for store credit only.

Please promptly notify Darvier of any modifications or returns for your custom order. In the event that shipping is required in order to attain warranty coverage or return a piece for store credit, please contact Darvier via email or telephone (, 970.472.1318) before returning any product in order to ensure proper care and handling. Do not send your products without a return form. No COD shipments will be accepted. It is preferable to insure your parcel when shipping it and to notify Darvier with the shipping method and tracking number.

Darvier is not responsible for any orders left over 60 days. Please keep in touch as we wish to be as accommodating as possible.