what to expect when you design your jewelry



A welcoming layout that encourages you to interact with the jewelry on display. Our design staff are not on commission, so why should there be a counter separating us from getting to know your tastes? We are trained to guide you through education, not sales.



The core of Darvier. We have spent countless hours building pricing equations that allow us to quote a custom project before any deposit is made. Here is also when you will see the possibilities of color, materials, durability and whim. Expect the appointment to last an hour.



Getting to know you is the single best step on the way to a custom piece of jewelry you will be excited to show off and enjoy forever. Once we ask a few questions to get a base idea percolating, we wait for the natural conversation to expose your taste in art, design, impact or even just a color to get us started. It’s no surprise that we often find ourselves becoming friends and sharing our own story over a pint around the corner.

Besides, learning that your sister has a square diamond is a great beginning to your own personality showing through your design. No square cuts, check. We got you.



We do not need a napkin doodle from the party last night to get this going, but it can be a great start. Once we hear your interests and ideas we begin drawing on our big screens with you. You can watch your idea realized in real time. Feel free to interrupt and say “just a little more twist” or, “take away a couple stones”.

This is where the raw idea takes shape. Don’t worry, your designer will not draw something that is impossible to make - though they might challenge our production team every so often. Our designers have years of experience translating your thoughts into a lasting craft.



We have several thousand loose gemstones in our collection available to show you immediately to assist in the direction of your project. We strive to anticipate and keep examples of every stone you may wish to incorporate into your jewelry. Rare, created and natural gemstones and diamonds shown over samples of every metal choice possible so you can make an informed decision regarding budget and taste.

This is the largest part of our free design sessions. Diamond and gemstone education. We want to present you with the industry facts in a non-biased, non-commission way. The 4 C’s and what they really equate to. We are working hard to get the best performance for your idea, to distill hundreds of years of jewelry knowledge so you can make informed decisions.



Mathematically correct computer modeling checking that your idea is met with quality and inspiration. We may ask for a deposit and have a designer labor over the idea behind the scenes and present it to you in a follow up appointment. Often, when we choose to have you come back is where we can also present a 3D printed or machined wax model, ready to cast with any special ordered diamonds and gemstones also present before casting approval.

We invite you to make changes at any point before casting approval to be sure we get it just right. Your signature ensures we are both on the same page before final production begins.




If we are completing a set, whether we made it or not, we will need the engagement ring. For a few days. At least. This allows an inspection of your engagement ring to alert you of any maintenance needed. This is a great time to re-rhodium plate your ring or consider soldering the set together.

We hand fit the set to mitigate disastrous wear points and, of course, refinish your ring while we have it so the set can look its best for the photographer and your big day.



Like Gus over here seeing the design for the first time, we often schedule the delivery so we can be sure the designer is free to discuss how your design will fit into your life. We provide a detailed receipt for your insurance provider. We can also quote immediate coverage at any time through Jewelers Mutual. We give you packaging and aftercare instructions with our comprehensive warranty in an envelope.

Additionally, we offer free ring sizing and offset labor for any unforeseen issue that may develop with the fact you are the first person to be wearing this jewelry over a period of time. Learn about our expanded coverage here.

Lastly, we follow up with you after a few weeks to see how everything is, how everyone likes it and take a moment to share the studio photos we have taken of your jewelry before we called you for delivery.

If you have any other questions about our strange ways, please take a moment to read our FAQ section here.